FluentXML is an XML library written in python and is distributed under the GPLv3 license. It provides a simple interface to parse, create, query, edit and save XML in a pythonic way.

It was designed to be as simple and intuitive as possible. So you do not need to waste your time with a complicated and superfluous API. You can forget the DOM, it was a bad dream. Just do what you do the best: write python code.

The First Steps documentation introduces you in the marvellous world of FluentXML with a lot of examples.


Arch Linux

There are four PKGBUILD available on the AUR (python2 release, python3 release, python2 dev and python3 dev). Yahourt users can install them with: yaourt -S python2-fluentxml
yaourt -S python3-fluentxml
yaourt -S python2-fluentxml-hg
yaourt -S python3-fluentxml-hg


FluentXML v0.1 (21Kio) (md5: 0c99b4cac301c07a6d26468d120678b4)

FluentXML v0.1.1 (22Kio) (md5: 86f0f090696c05362cbbaa085591db61)


hg clone http://hg.last-exile.org/FluentXML/


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